Description of Services

Do you have a Spanish translation already and want to make sure it is correct before sending it to the printing house? No problem, we can handle it.

If your translated material is to be printed or distributed electronically, we can translate directly in your source document, so you'd have your Spanish material in the very same format of the original. We work with applications both in Windows and Macintosh.

Websites Translation
Is your website in English, but you want to have a Spanish version? We can deliver an exact copy of your website in Spanish, ready to be uploaded.

Software Localization
If you have a software application, and need a Spanish version, we can handle it. We have plenty of experience at this.

Technical Drawings
Does your manual have Autocad drawings? If so, we can translate not only the manual, but also the drawings. If you provide DWG files, we deliver translated DWG files.

If your source material is a video, we can add Spanish subtitles to it.

If you have e-learning material in English, but you would like to have it in Spanish, no problem. We deliver an exact copy of your e-learning material, but in Spanish.