Technical Spanish Translations

To translate it, you must understand it first

We offer English to Spanish translation services in several subjects, although we specialize in technical and engineering material, where accuracy and consistency are very important, but difficult to achieve.
Consequently, we only work with translators who hold technical degrees and expertise in the field, besides of translation experience.
We are based in Lima, Peru, a country with one of the most neutral Spanish in Latin America. Therefore, our translations will be easily understood in any Spanish speaking country, including Spain.

English Spanish technical translations

Our Approach

We want to help our clients in the best possible way. Therefore, we find out first the requirements of the client.
What does the client need? What type of source material are we talking about? Is it a printed document? An electronic file? Audio? A video? A book? A software application?, etc.
And what is the subject of this material? How quickly does the client need it? Certainly, we need to know, because, depending on the type and subject of the source, we estimate resources, quotes, and schedules to deliver in the format requested by the client.
Since we work exclusively with native translators, who hold a technical degree in the same technical area as the client, you can be 100% sure that the translated material will be correct and without mistranslations.
In order to tackle the translation, we use several software applications:

Our Services

We offer the following types of translation services, in addition to other related services:

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